Scam Prevention

Online dating is a wonderful way to meet other singles, but you need to protect yourself by learning a few scam prevention tips, read our Online Dating Safety page to help you prevent becoming a victim.

Scams are committed throughout all industries of the web. Many scams come from unsolicited emails, auction websites, consumer services, online dating and other social websites.

It is very difficult to track down the person or group who has scammed you, which is why you should always follow your instincts and be cautious.

If you have been scammed or think you witness a scam there are many government agencies to notify and to contact for advice. The following websites are government agencies that will help you deal with international financial scams and victims of scams:

Please Contact the State Department's office of overseas citizens services at 1(888)407-4747 if you believe that you or any American citizens have been scammed and the perpetrator is in another country.

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Help us identify scammers by reporting them to us.

Remember that any type of solicitation, spam or fraud from an account at Christian is against our policy and will lead to an immediate termination of that account! Please report scam. Reports from our members prove to be the most efficient way to fight it.
How to report a scam:
You can report a member to by simply:

- Emailing us the scammer's username by using the "Contact Us" form.

- While viewing the members profile click on the report scam icon.
We continuously monitor and block emails of anyone who uses profanity, solicits for sex or money, sends out spam, or commits fraud.

Married? Criminal? Solicitor? Scammer? Married people, sex offenders, solicitors and spammers are not allowed to join this site and will be reported to the applicable State and US District Attorney Office in Washington DC and Interpol in London. If the unwanted member is from another Country, s/he will be reported to the local authorities. is a safe site. Our approval/admission process of new members may take up to two days (48 hours) to block unwanted members from joining this site. Our members communicate and report any unusual activities. If you are Married, a Criminal, a Solicitor or a Scammer, it is just a matter of time for us to reveal your identity.