Online Dating Safety

Online dating requires you to use common sense to be safe when dating online.

1. Don't rush
Take it slow when meeting singles don't rush to meet someone. First thing is to get to know the person by either exchanging emails or other means of internet communications. You might want to ask important questions like viewing photos of the person or videos to know who it is you're talking too. Mainly, go with your instincts if you feel something is wrong don't ignore it keep asking questions until your satisfied with answers.
2. Guard your identity
Don't ever give out personal information such as your full name home address, workplace or any other identifying information when chatting online with other members. It is very important to get to know the person you're communicating with first before you take it to the next step or level. When you decide to chat with any member outside of our site use a separate email. Free email accounts can be found on Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.
3. Follow your Instincts
Carefully consider your partners words when chatting. Go with your instincts if anything being said makes you uncomfortable end communication with that person. If someone seems too good to be true don't doubt yourself and do some research on the member.
4. Take control of your dating experience
Keep in mind that you are in control of whom you talk too. While experiencing online dating you can remain completely anonymous to others until you feel comfortable with the other person. When meeting a member notify friends and family and let them know where and when and what time you expect to be home. When meeting another member pick a public location where you can feel safe and provide your own transportation to and from the location.
5. Avoiding sexual assault:
We do not offer profile screening of the new members however we do manual approval or disapproval of the new applications. The new members are advised not to give any contact information such as addresses or phone numbers while emailing other members. Prior to dating you must assume that the person that you are dating is guilty until proven innocent. In the first few dates we recommend that you include family members and friends to join in and once you get to know the individual we recommend to meet in public places for a period of six to twelve months. Once dating we recommend that at least two members of your family and two friends know where you will be, addresses and times that you will be out. You should always call your parents, family member or a friend past midnight that you are home. They should be alerted to contact police if they do not hear from you. Christian Singles Commitments Corp and its web sites (including is being held harmless against any damages for any rape charges or sexual assaults resulting from dates.

5A) suspicious activities such as sexual gestures must be taken seriously.
5B) Questions leading to "how his / her previous relationship ended" must be asked.
5C) Meeting at his or her place is never a good idea unless you are past engagement.
5D) In addition to your mobile phone you must carry with you any type of self defense weapons.
5E) Do not hesitate to contact police at any time if you are harassed, being solicited or forced in anything against your will.
5F) You must arrive at the dating scene earlier to observe the surrounding activities.
5G) Use common sense to protect yourself.


6. Learn how to avoid being scammed
If you encounter someone asking for money, spamming or any odd behavior please report them immediately.
TIP 1. - How to identify scam:

- If you receive messages offering or asking for money for exchange of any kind of service - this is a scam

- If a member asks you to help them pay for their visa to visit you - this is a scam

- If you received messages stating a family member has died or is ill and needs money to pay for hospital bills or medication - this is a scam

- If the member states he has a masters degree and has many mistakes especially on his profile - this may be a scam

- If a member states he is a missionary and are outside the country and would like to see if you can donate money - be careful this may be a scam
TIP 2. - How to avoid scam:

- DO NOT SEND MONEY to anyone.

- Don't reply to anyone requesting your personal information right away.

- Ask yourself when a profile seems too good to be true.

- Read their profile thoroughly including their photos. Ask you self "Is this too good to be true".

- Ask questions about their profession and what there seeking online.

Mainly PRAY and let the Lord guide you in all you do.
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